Conference Bridge – Handles Conference Calls
-CUCM software: G.711 only
-Hardware DSP(digital signal processor):
Mutlti-codec (G.711 G.729) on router modules NM-HD-2VE

Media Termination Point – Hold calls on Hold
-Hold, Transfer, Conference, etc…

Annunciator – Plays Recorded Annoucements

Transcoder – Converts one codec to another, CUCM CANNOT DO THIS FUNCTION, need

DSCP hardware, only needed in case when phone needs to send with one codec and

the device on the other end does a different codec, not in the case of any

phone to phone when they negotiate codec to use

MoH Server – Plays Music on Hold

CUCM Services for Media Resources:
Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App
Cisco MoH Audio Translator – converts mp3 and wav to codec for MoH

Resource Manager(assinged to Devices)
MRGL(list of groups)
MRG(groups of resources, example Software, Hardware)
Resource(Transcoder,MoH, Conference Bridge, DSPs)


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