Partitions and CSS Best Practices

Partitions and CSS Best Practices

1. Implement PSTN calling restrictions
– Create partition with ALL diabale numbers
– Create partition with BLOCKED numbers
– In the CSS put the BLOCKED partition before the other

partitions that allow access or are ‘dialable’, like ACL top

down order of processing


The ! says the next digit dialed activates dialing

9.[2-9]XXXXXX (local numbers dialed)
9.1[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXX (long distance)
9.011! (International numbers dialed)


2. CSS can be applied to a LINE and a DEVICE


Results into one merged or CONCATENATE into one CSS with the

LINE being checked first and the DEVICE second:

***RESTRICTIONS should be applied to the LINE***

3. Use Partitions/CSS for Emergency Call Routing

Example two offices one in Dallas one in Little Rock
Create Partition for Dallas_911 and one for Little_Rock_911
Create Route Pattern for Dallas_911:
route calls to local Dallas PSTN(gateway router)

Create Route Pattern for Little_Rock_911
route calls to local Little Rock PSTN(gateway router)

Create CSS Dallas_CSS

Create Css Little_Rock_911

So then Dallas office cannot access Little Rock Partions/CSS

for 911

4. Never use the [none] Partition or CSS
this exisits in every CSS at the bottom implicit [none] like

implicit deny any any in ACL

[NONE] CSS can only reach the [NONE] Partition

5. Do Not forget the Gateways and Call Forward settings are

set to the [none] Calling Search Space (CSS)

6. Use calling restrictions to cause Auto-Registered phones

to act as PLAR devices (Private Line Automatic Ringdown) or

BAT phone direct dial line… Then when someone will pickup

the phone and ring to Help Desk phone for support…

Create Partition AUTO_PT with translation pattern empty

translation pattern field, with Called Party Transformation

Mask of Help Desk number (2001), then Create AUTO_CSS with

only the AUTO_PT…

When someone picks up the new auto registred phone no digits

dialed it rings down or PLAR…

Under new Device Pool add AUTO_DP with CSS for

Auto-registration assign AUTO_CSS

Device Defaults set to AUTO_DP

New Phone –> AUTO_DP –> AUTO_CSS –> AUTO_PT –> HelpDesk#

7. To minimize network distruptions, implement partitions and

CSSs in the following order:

1. Create Partitions
2. Create CSSs
3. Assign devices to CSSs
4. Assign numbers to partitions
(Remember: All CSSs can access the [none] partition)


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