RTP payload voice or video or what?

R1(config)#class-map rtp-voip
R1(config-cmap)#match protocol rtp ?
audio Match voice packets
payload-type Match an explicit PT
video Match video packets

To configure nBAR to match RTP traffic, use the match protocol rtp command within the class map configuration.

match protocol rtp

The syntax description is as follows:

Audio—Specifies matching for payload type values 0-23. Table 1 shows that these values are reserved for audio traffic.

Video—Specifies matching for payload type value 24-33. These values are reserved for video traffic (Table 1).

Payload-Type—This matches traffic belonging to a specific payload type value, thus providing more granularity than the audio and video options mentioned above.

Payload-string—This user-defined string can match against all the specific RTP payload type values from 0-127. Use commas to separate payload type values, and use hyphens to indicate a range of payload type values.



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